Adding Motorisation To Your Existing Blinds

If you love your blinds or curtains but wish you had paid extra to motorise them when you ordered them…all is not lost! We often hear this at Nicholls Interiors…and we often add motorisation after blinds have been installed.

If your blinds are still in great condition, our team can usually retrofit them with SOMFY motors. This enhances the functionality of your window coverings and generally makes life a little easier.

Here are some frequently asked questions about blind motorisation.

Can you convert an existing roller blind to motorised operation?

Woman holding white remote Contoller to adjust her motorised blinds

Sometimes! There are a few factors that impact whether a roller blind can be converted to motorised operation.

Tube diameter
– the tube of the roll is critical. It needs to be large enough to fit the motor itself inside the tube. Narrow blinds are often made on smaller tubes and cannot fit motors inside.

How it is fitted
– adding a motor changes the overall width of the blind, increasing it by approx. 5-10mm. If your blind is fitted inside a tight recess this may make it too wide to be refitted.

Brand – 
it needs to be a good quality blind, not an off the shelf blind.

How much does it cost to retro fit a motor inside a roller blind?

SOMFY are the market leaders and known for their longevity and reliability. The cost of a SOMFY motor ranges from $330 to $490 depending on the motor used (ie battery V hardwired). Hardwired motors also require an electrician. A remote control is also required, and this would depend on number of blinds to determine number of channels.

Can Luxaflex Duettes have motors retro fitted?

No, Luxaflex Duettes cannot be converted to motorised operation if they have been made manually to start with. New Duettes have the option to be ordered manually and motorised.

Can you retrofit a motor to a curtain?

Yes, a new track would be required to enable this, but we can change a track and re-fit the curtain to it. Keep in mind this may alter the height of the curtain slightly. As a guide, the cost of a motorised curtain track ranges from $1200 to around $2000 depending on length. An electrician is also required for hardwired motors.

Can you retrofit a motor to a roman blind?

Yes. The roman blind would need to be placed on a wider headboard to accommodate a motor underneath. This would mean a small section of the headboard would not be covered in fabric as its unlikely there would be enough excess to cover the extra 60mm (approx.). If it’s a bedroom, you should also keep in mind this will project further into the room which allows more light to enter around the sides.

Control your interior blinds using a remote control, tablet, smartphone or voice assistant. Read our earlier blog post on linking to home automation.

Ready to go motorised? If you’d like to chat about options for retro-fitting motorisation to your curtains and blinds. Make an appointment to chat with our experienced team.

Note – prices are current as per August 2021.