Blind Options for Odd Shaped Windows

Do you have an arch, half arch, circle, hexagonal or fan shaped window? Have you been staring at it day after day wondering how you will manage to find a blind to fit that odd shape? Well don’t despair, there are actually a range of options that you can choose from! We have seen so many different shapes of windows in all our years of business, so why not get in contact with us and let us help find a solution.

Depending on the shape of your window, we can offer you an operational or a fixed blind. Pleated blinds are one of the best solutions for these windows and can be made to almost any shape – many of these you can operate. If pleated blinds are not your preferred choice, then shutters can also be used by making a template of the window.

Stop staring at that odd shaped window and wondering how you’ll ever manage to cover it! Call us and chat to one of our furnishing experts, we’ll even come out to your house and provide a quote – obligation free.