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Beaumaris is a peaceful bayside suburb situated just 20 kilometres south-east of the Melbourne CBD and along the south-west side of the Port Phillip Bay coastline. The suburb boasts an assortment of beautiful beaches, stunning views and delicious cuisine. 

Our showroom is located only 12kms from Beaumaris. We service the Beaumaris area and have completed numerous installations for domestic and commercial properties in the area.

To see how we can help you transform your home, visit our showroom at 159 Martin Street, Brighton or give us a call on (03) 9596 2335 or request a free measure and quote.

Beaumaris Hot Topics

Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary in Port Phillip Bay is the site of one of the richest collections of sea fossils in the world. Its crystal clear waters, sandstone reefs, sea caves and rock pools are believed to offer insights into Australian history for the past six million years.

Beaumaris Modern: Modernist Homes in Beaumaris’ is a book written by Fiona Austin documenting a collection of the historic mid-century modern Beaumaris houses. Beaumaris Modern are advocating for the protection of the heritage houses in Beaumaris and spreading knowledge of mid-century design to encourage proper practices when renovating these beautiful homes.

Why are people attracted to Beaumaris?

Beaumaris is well known for its beautiful coastal views of Port Phillip Bay, crystal clear waters and it’s historic mid-century architecture. There’s plenty of coastal and foreshore activities that keep residents and visitors entertained throughout the day.  

Beaumaris has a host of favourite restaurants, bars and cafes. Some local favourites include The Parlor Milkbar & Kitchen where you can enjoy your meal on the sun drenched deck in summer or inside by the fire during the winter months as well as some housewares shopping and find the best Italian food at LaCucina Beaumaris .

Because of its distance from the city and the peaceful vibe of Beaumaris it attracts an older demographic and as well as families. Median house prices in Beaumaris are around the $1.5 million mark, with a weekly rental price of $790.  

Main streets and precincts

You will find yourself surrounded by some amazing restaurants, bars and cafes along Beaumaris main streets Weatherall Road and Balcombe Road or Beach Road for some picturesque views while you enjoy your meal.  Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary and Beaumaris Beach are popular hangouts to enjoy some down-time and appreciate the beauty of this coastal town.

Housing Style and Architecture

Beaumaris is known for its modern architectural homes from the 1950s. These mid-century houses sit alongside modern developments in the Beaumaris residential area. 

In this area we typically help clients who are looking to compliment their renovated mid-century homes with interior furnishings that do not detract from the aesthetic appeal of the house while also providing protection from the elements of living in a coastal environment and provide some privacy from the close proximity of the street. Sheers are a popular option for the residents of Beaumaris as they allow a lot of natural light into the home while reducing the intensity and heat. Sheers also allow a view outside while creating privacy during the day. Additionally, roller blinds are a subtle option that provides excellent privacy and insulation.

Commercial Beaumaris

The commercial precinct in Beaumaris is focused around Weatherall Road, Balcombe Road and Beach Road. Outdoor awnings are a popular choice for retail and commercial properties around the Beaumaris area as they provide protection from the sun for workers and customers during the warm summer months. 

For a FREE measure and quote to see which window furnishings would best fit your home, give Nicholls a call on (03) 9596 2335 to arrange an appointment or use our online request.