Block Out Curtains

Block Out Curtains: Easy Privacy and Efficiency for Any Home

Block Out Curtains – The Most Practical Home Furnishing

If you’ve purchased a new home, are renovating or building from scratch; you’ll know that privacy, comfort and efficiency are important. When it comes to all three, there’s a simple home addition that can make a huge difference: block out curtains.

Keeping the warmth in during winter and the heat out during summer, block out curtains make for the perfect choice as rising power bills are hitting every household budget.

More Fabric, Less Power

Did you know that an unshaded window can let in up to 100 times more heat during summer than an equally-sized area of insulated wall? When the temperatures climb, this can mean greater discomfort and more power needed to cool the house down.

It’s a similar story over winter, with windows causing as much as 40% of your heat to be lost. To prevent this, and with power bills soaring, designing your home with maximum efficiency in mind is paramount. Window tinting and awnings are good options, but may not suit the style of your home, or be allowed by your building regulation. Block out curtains, however, suit any home.

Designed specifically with this in mind, block outs work by insulating your windows with a thick fabric, much like you insulate your roof and walls. For homes with a lot of glass, this is especially useful.

As well as the curtain itself, you’ll also want to install them with a pelmet, which acts as ‘seal’ at the top to stop warm air from cascading down behind the curtain and out the glass during winter, and the same for cool air during summer.

Layers with Your Block Out Curtains Gives You Privacy and Practicality

When you want your privacy, thick curtains provide the best way to keep out unwanted eyes from the street. However, when you want to bathe your room in a warm afternoon sun, it’s a good idea to pair your them with a lighter, more transparent curtain between the block out curtain and the window.

Sheer curtains work perfectly, letting the light through and adding a chic, modern touch to any room, while still keeping people from seeing in. Our curtain specialists are experts in matching the best curtains for your home, so have a chat with us today!

Properly fitted block outs keep light out during the evening, which is especially helpful if your bedroom faces the street, and are perfect for keeping the sun out in the morning, ensuring a lazy weekend sleep-in.

Best Range and Best Advice at Nicholls

At Nicholls, we understand that every home is different, which is why we provide you with a huge range of styles when it comes to your block out curtains. We stock a wide selection of thickness to suit any home’s needs, so there’s a block out curtain to match the sun exposure of any window.

While being practical, block outs can also be a stylish addition to your home, with plenty of colours, patterns and textures that match any interior.

It’s also important to make sure your curtains are the right size, as poor-fitting ones can’t provide the best insulation. Our friendly, experienced team are on hand to help, and we’ll gladly come to you to make the process easy and to give you the best result, so visit our Brighton showroom, or call us on (03) 9596 2335.