Conservatory Window Awnings

Conservatory Awnings

What window coverings would you add to a room that was basically windows from floor to roof? Conservatory Awnings are the most appropriate treatment, but what are Conservatory Awnings anyway?

A conservatory is generally a heavily glassed room featuring glass walls and a pitched glazed roof. Popular for growing plants and offering a warm sunny light-filled space for the occupants. The idea of a conservatory is more popular in extremely cold climates where there is a desire to generate enough sunlight for plants to grow and create a cosy room within a home for when the temperatures are cold and hours of sunlight are minimal. Home Designer Martin Kolarkic suggests that a conservatory consists of walls with 50% glass and a roof consisting of more than 75% glass.

Conservatory Awnings refer to the window coverings used to control the light and temperature inside a conservatory. Often installed internally to the glass roof and glass wall panels to create a barrier between the glass and shield the space from the sun and provide adjustable sun protection for occupants and plants.

Modern Conservatory with roof awningsOur warmer Melbourne climate doesn’t justify the need for conservatory areas in our homes, but alas the name Conservatory Awnings still exists and is often the term referred to when blinds are required for shading areas that feature glass sections such as:

  • a sunroom
  • living space with glass roof sections
  • skylights
  • outdoor entertaining spaces with expansive retractable glass areas
  • areas with retractable roof systems

Conservatory awnings and need to be manufactured to withstand the temperatures created by the sun’s reflection on glass therefore the selection and installation of fabrics is important. The blind casing is also worth considering to determine if the conservatory awning casing will deter from the clean look of the expansive glass sections.

Requests for conservatory awnings generally includes automation requirements which can be necessary to be able to control high roof windows rather than having long arm pullies or internal winder mechanisms.

If you have a space that contains a vast amount of glass, be it roof, walls, or both, chat to us so we can offer suggestions for the best window furnishing options for your space so that you retain light, privacy, and temperature control.

Conservatory Window Awnings