Curtain Headings – Which One Suits You Best?

Window coverings have the ability to create a mood for every room in your home. Different heading styles enable you to create an individual look that has the ability to transform a room, frame a window or brighten an otherwise dull room.

It can be hard to know what is available and what suits you best. What are the latest and new trends with curtain headings? Here are some helpful pointers to help you make the decision.

S fold curtain headings (also known as ripplefold curtain headings) continue to grow in popularity. A special Ripplefold track and press stud heading tape shapes the fabric into neat and simple folds, which provides a very contemporary look.

The Inverted Pleat is otherwise known as a reverse pleat or box pleat and offers a contemporary look. This curtain style does not stack back as comprehensively as other styles but continues to be very popular in contemporary homes.

Goblet heading is a more formal style, where the goblets are filled with wadding. If you are furnishing a traditional or stately old home and have sumptuous fabric a Goblet heading could be a good option… or a triple pinch pleat is very popular and suitable for all fabric types.

When the curtains are drawn the pleats stack back neatly, creating tailored folds and the pleats are pinched in-groups of two or three with spacing approximately 10cm apart.

pencil pleat is similar to a gathered curtain in that a heading tape of one or multiple rows can be applied to gather the fabric into pencil style pleats. The main difference is the heading tape creates a neater and more stable pleat. Multiple rows also offer more flexibility with hook positions providing greater control over where the heading sits in relation to the rod or track.

Gathered headings are the most basic curtain style of all and most commonly used with sheer curtains. A heading tape enables the curtain fabric to be easily gathered into loose pleats. Multiple rows can be applied. Gathered curtains don’t suit bulky fabric.

If you have a sheer fabric, the new knife pleat is a terrific alternative to a gathered heading. It is a neat and tailored look and very flat – perfect if you are fitting it into a tight space.

If you would like to discuss these options further with a trained professional, please feel free to come into our showroom or contact us to arrange an obligation free quote.