Curtains and Blinds That Will Keep You Cool Over This Summer

3 Clever Curtains and Blinds for the Australian Summer

If there’s one thing that Australians know how to do well, it’s summer. Lazy afternoon BBQs, relaxing on the sand and celebrating our incredible weather with mates are all part of the warmer months down under. But while the outdoors couldn’t be more perfect, there’s nothing worse than coming home to a closed up house that’s as warm in as it is out, and let’s not even mention the nights spent trying to sleep in 30 degree heat. When it comes to curtains and blinds, however, there are some very easy additions you can make to your home to keep the temperature at a comfortable level and reduce your energy usage.

Clever, innovative products mean that now’s the perfect time to get thinking about how to create a cooler and more efficient home this summer with the huge range of choice of curtains and blinds.

Duette ® Honeycomb Shades

Everything about these shades is intelligent. Not only do they look modern and stylish, they work as powerful insulators, keeping your home cool during the summer months. These blinds are made from spun, bonded polyester which is moulded into a honeycomb shape, with a ‘cell’ on the inside, creating a clever insulation system, working in both the summer and winter.

What’s more; these blinds are built with a smart ‘drop-down bottom-up’ operation that you’ll absolutely love having the convenience of. Rather than frustrating cords that so easily tangle, you simply adjust your Duettes ® by pulling them either up or down, so you can choose to have light coming through the top of the window, while keeping the room private.


It’s hard to drive down an Australian street and not spot any awnings; they’ve become such ubiquitous parts of our homes’ curtains and blinds options, and for very good reason. Extending beyond the eaves of the home, awnings shield the glass from the sun, keeping your home cool and reducing your need to turn on the air conditioning.

In fact, they’re so efficient that the U.S Department of Energy found that they reduce solar heat gain by up to 65% on south-facing windows and 77% on those facing west. The savings this will deliver to your power bills make Luxaflex awnings a very attractive option to install over summer.

What’s more, they come in a huge range of beautiful colours; from seaside white and blue to a white shade that will blend perfectly with your house colour and reflect the light and will beautifully complement your existing curtains and blinds.

Cover your outdoor entertaining areas with an awning and keep your guests comfortable as you soak up the best that an Aussie summer has to offer.

Block Outs and Sheers

Tried and true, block out curtains have earned their reputation for keeping light and heat well at bay, ensuring your home stays cool and your house is more efficient. Sheer curtains round off this perfect power couple of curtains and blinds, giving you flexibility and control over privacy and light.

Once the sun begins to go down, pull back the block outs and let the sheers keep the privacy while letting soft afternoon sun spill into the home. Nothing says ‘summer’ more than a chic, linen sheer curtain blowing in a gentle afternoon breeze as you relax on the deck.

And forget any notions you have of block out curtains being dusty, thick drapes that don’t look at all appealing – they come in a huge range of styles, you can even have yours custom made to get the perfect look for every room. Matched with the perfect sheer, you’ll have your home’s curtains and blinds as perfect as possible.

Now’s the Time!

With the entertaining season just beginning to heat up, now is the best time to start fitting your windows with the best curtains and blinds. The expert team at Nicholls are on hand to help you make the right choice for your home and will guide you through the whole process. We can even come right to you, so come visit us at our Brighton showroom or give us a call on 03 9596 2335.