Curtains and blinds will turn a house into your home

How the right curtains and blinds will turn a house into your home

We sat down with Kathryn and her Melbourne based Nicholls Fashion and Furnishings team to understand the importance of choosing the right curtains and blinds for your home.

It was fashion designer John Galliano who once said, “An outfit without a hat is like a teapot without a lid”. The same can be said for the curtains and blinds in your home.

Have you ever seen a home during renovation? walked around during an open house inspection? it’s just blank walls and a ceiling. That’s a house, not a home; a teapot without its lid.

If you watch period dramas or tv series set in another era, you may or may not have noticed that the details within the furnishings are often a character unto themselves. It’s this subtle attention to detail that really captivates an audience. Apply the same level of thought and care to your furnishings and you’ll have a great base for which to build upon; whether it be to keep up with the trends, or create your very own character for your home.

Kathryn and her team at Nicholls Fashion and Furnishings in Melbourne work tirelessly to ensure your house becomes your home and its those 4 walls that are at the heart of any great home. The foundation for which holds everything else together.

Something as simple as the blinds and curtains you install can have a profound effect on your mood, and even the perception of light and space in a room.

With the nights getting cooler and a new season upon us, it was the perfect time for some ‘Autumn cleaning’: to sit down with Kathryn and get the answers to some of those questions we all want to know …

Why is having a colour scheme such an important element when choosing curtains or blinds?

Many of our clients don’t have an idea of their colour scheme when coming in to make their colour selection. While it is helpful to have an idea, it doesn’t matter if you don’t. We offer a free in home consultation where we get a great feel for your home and your goals and shortlist some of the best options for you.

Explain how the right fabric can make or break a room?

We always suggest our clients take home their fabrics to see them in their natural light. Something that looks perfect in the showroom might throw a pink/ blue/ green hue when you get it home and its important to understand this before you order.

Are there any Autumn trends that would be a great place for someone to start when choosing their curtains or blinds?

Autumn trends in blinds relate more to their functionality. As Winter approaches, the focus of our clients turns more to insulation properties and keeping the heat in as opposed to keeping the sun out. The trend with new homes is that windows are getting larger and more of them. The importance of keeping the heat inside is becoming more relevant as windows are where most of the heat is lost from the home. We have a range of products (especially the Luxaflex Duette) which is designed specifically for insulation. Where we install the blinds also plays an important role with insulation.

When choosing a style for someone’s home, what elements do you consider?

A client’s personal taste is always our priority, as is longevity. It is really important to us that our clients fall in love with the style. As part of this, we consider the current style of their home, the reasons they want to change their furnishings and what they are trying to achieve. We also focus on the style of the rest of the home to ensure the new furnishings don’t feel out of place.

What advice do you give to clients who have no idea where to start when choosing curtains or blinds?

More than half our clients don’t know where to start! We suggest a free in home consultation where we get a feel for your home and understand your requirements. We talk you through a range of options and the benefits of each one based on our discussions. We provide you with a quote for multiple options (if required) so you can understand the difference in price of different brands and products and help you find the best solution for your requirements and budget.

How important is it to look at ‘trends’ for the home?

We focus less on ‘trends’ that pass quickly and more on the desired style of someone’s home. Most people replace their window furnishings every 10 years so its important that furnishings can stand the test of time and are not ‘trends’ that will date too quickly. Adding scatter cushions or other soft furnishings is a great way to follow the current trends and they are easy (and cheaper!) to replace more often.

What is the biggest hurdle clients face when trying to choose the right curtains or blinds?

Visualising the end result is really difficult for many people and selecting an appropriate fabric can be a daunting task.We try to narrow down the options for each client based on their tastes, requirements and budget. After 99 years in business we’ve seen most of them installed and can provide great insight into the finished results.

Explain how your service can offer a personalised approach to choosing curtains or blinds.

We are such a unique business – in its 99th year and spanning 4 generations. We love what we do. We are as passionate about your home as you are. We sell 5 different brands and thousands of fabrics and we are focussed on finding the best end result for each client. We spend time talking our clients through the differences of each product/ brand and what product is the best for each window in their home. We understand everyone has different tastes and budgets and we offer products for rental properties through to high end. We are well known in the Bayside community and we have followed many of our clients through multiple homes.