Curtains fabric designs to match any decor

Curtains Melbourne, Your Guide to Curtain Shopping

When shopping for curtains in Melbourne it can seem like a daunting task. There are many brands and suppliers, all with a huge range and different components to consider, making it hard for someone to just walk in and make the right decision for their home. Especially if you’re a first home owner, or not confident with interior decorating, a little introduction to the world of curtains can be a big help – so let’s get started!

First: Blinds or Curtains?

When it comes to choosing blinds or curtains in Melbourne, the key question is what is the best fit for your home? This can be a tricky question, as you’ve got so many options when you throw blinds into the mix. Luckily, we’ve already broken down some of the key differences to make it easier when you’re considering your window furnishings.

If you’re window decorating for the whole home, then it’s likely you’ll be looking at a combination of both curtains and blinds, and this is where the showroom experience at Nicholls is really worth the while, as you can compare all products under one roof.

Curtain Fabrics – The Hardest Part!

While certainly not the whole package, fabrics are what you’ll spend most of your time considering when selecting your perfect curtains. No matter what colour your walls, the design of your lounges or the amount of light in a given room, we can custom make a look that will match beautifully.

It’s best to keep the number of colours and patterns of your curtains down to two or three in a room, so as to avoid overpowering the space and distracting from the look and quality of the fabrics you’ve chosen. This is easier said than done, given we stock curtain fabrics in a huge range of styles and colours, from top curtain designers such as Wilson Fabrics and Charles Parsons. Take-home samples will make it easier to match designs to your existing room look, so ask one of our team.

Block out fabrics will keep out both the sun and the neighbour’s gaze, while acting as highly efficient insulators, helping keep your home at a comfortable temperature. With linen curtains work well in Melbourne homes as they’re stylish and very trendy, and suit almost any space.When it comes to choosing curtain fabrics for Melbourne homes, there is a wide choice made more challenging by our wide variety of weather. The fabric choice you make should be based on practicality as well as style, as different curtain fabrics serve different purposes. For a soft, gentle look, sheer curtains are the perfect touch to any living space and bedroom, allowing sunlight and privacy in one.

Curtain Rods and Pelmets

When shopping for your curtains in Melbourne, there are other components to consider. Something’s got to keep those lovely curtains in place, and that’s where the rods and pelmets come in. Curtain rods are the bars that are fixed to the wall above the window and hold up the curtains.

Curtain and soft furnishing luxury fabrics
Curtains fabric designs to match any decor

Pelmets are the coverings over the rod, and serve two handy purposes. Firstly, they provide a streamlined look by covering the rod and eyelets, giving a more seamless transition from the curtain to the wall. They also act to keep the heat in the room, as a pelmet stops risen heat from descending down against the window, where it can be lost through the glass.

Both rods and pelmets come in a huge range of designs to complete the look of your curtains, so make sure to ask our consultants when you’re in.

Curtain Tie Backs and Tassels

Tassels are the looped rope-style fabric with a frayed end that look stylish and complement a well-decorated room. Some designs are more intricate than others and suit older-style homes, so check out our range.Having your curtains out of the way when they’re not covering the window keeps the room tidy and safe, as well as the curtains safe from damage.

Tie backs come in a range of styles, with some being fabric straps that are held up by a hook, while others are metal ‘U’ shapes that are fixed to the wall.

Our Curtain Professionals are Here to Help

When shopping around for curtains, Melbourne has everything on offer. At Nicholls, we understand how complex window furnishings can be, which is why you’re in the best hands when you visit our Brighton showroom and chat with our team. We’ve had over 90 years in the industry, and that means expertise and customer service that you can count on, every step of the way.

When it comes to the best curtains in Melbourne, an obligation-free quote is just part of the service when you’re a Nicholls customer, and with such a wide range and customised offerings, you’re guaranteed to find the curtains to perfectly match your style and suit your home. Give us a call today on (03) 9596 2335, or visit our showroom to speak with our staff about a quote today.