MagnaTrack Super Wide Luxaflex Awning

Why the new Evo MagnaTrack Awning System is a total game changer

Shade solutions for your home just got a whole lot cooler (pun intended). There’s a wide range of shade options to suit any outdoor area, each with their own unique features for the broad spectrum of Australian climates. So, when a straight drop awning comes along that ticks all the boxes and introduces a new era of awning technology, we are excited to share it.

The new Evo Magna Track Awning System has changed the game for shade solutions, combining smart technology with steadfast durability and contemporary style making it the ultimate motorised awning option for your home.

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It’s the first and only self-correcting awning system in Australia

The magnet technology used in the Evo MagnaTrack is an exclusive and patented design that allows the awning’s fabric skin to automatically return to the channel when it becomes dislodged.

Typically, a dislodged awning would require an expensive call out from a service person to repair the fault and may be caused by the bottom bar hitting an object during operation, or during high winds. The self-correcting feature allows the fabric to return to the channel seamlessly via the remote control.

It uses rare earth neodymium magnets with 200kg of force

Neodymium magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnets commercially available and sit at the core of the awning’s design within the tracks that hold the fabric in place.

With much of the same technology featuring neodymium magnets used in the design of some wind turbines and MRI scanners, their incredible strength provides over 100kg of magnetic force on either side of the awning’s fabric preventing wrinkles, slack, and possible wind damage.

It can span up to 6.5 metres wide and 4 metres deep

The Evo MagnaTrack’s ground-breaking design and premium fabric allow the awning to span up to 6.5 metres in width with a 4-metre drop while remaining taut and elegant.

The diagonal twill weave fibreglass fabric is the highest quality on the market (in a great range of colours) and is designed to resist harsh weather conditions that cause stretching and warping over time, effectively turning your outdoor area into a weatherproof space without compromising on looks.

Its self-tensioning system allows it to go with the flow

In the first ever design of its kind, the neodymium magnets within the track system allow the fabric to seamlessly move and flex with wind pressure to prevent damage, while automatically re-tensioning the fabric once the wind pressure has died down.

This incredible feature means that the awning can be left down during windy weather, protecting you from the elements whilst automatically adjusting and correcting its tension levels to provide the optimum functionality and aesthetic appeal in all conditions.

It can save you money on energy costs

Cooling your home during summer can be a costly exercise, especially in the current Australian climate. With a large portion of heat pouring in from your windows, external shading options provide you with outdoor reprieve from the heat while protecting your windows from prolonged sunlight.

The shade provided by the Evo MagnaTrack around areas with large windows or glass doors can reduce your energy bill significantly by shielding these areas from the sun’s radiant heat, making these awnings the ultimate lifestyle choice for your home.

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Innovative MagnaTrack Luxaflex Wide Awning