How to Create Your Own Custom Made Upholstered Bedhead

We love bedrooms! They are our sanctuary, the haven we can go to relax and escape the pressures of life (or for me, my noisy kids!). Bedheads are a stylish way to create your luxurious space. There are many custom made bedheads/ headboards to choose from and we LOVE how easy ‘Design Haven‘ has made it for us all to become our own designer and create a bedhead that will complete our sanctuary to our exact taste.

10 different styles, 8 different shapes and hundreds of fabric options and a truly bespoke result… and Australian made for extra quality.

How Do You Pick the Perfect Fabric?

How do you pick the perfect fabric

It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed with the huge range of options available – there are literally thousands of fabrics to choose from. We are using a lot of linen at the moment for understated elegance.

Use a natural colour to keep your ‘haven’ light and bright (great for ‘hamptons’ or ‘French Provincial’ styles) or use a dark colour to for extra mood and a statement look.

Check out the Shimmer fabric on Design Haven’s website if you want a linen look but with a touch of glamour – we just love it!

Looking to Create a Truly Luxurious Feel?

You can’t go past a lux velvet combined with deep button diamonds (Style Savannah on the website). Design Haven – we love the Izmir fabric you have selected – bringing true Hollywood glamour to our bedrooms.

Want to Make a Statement?

Pick a plain style (like Honor or Lilly) and select a design – from a fun geometric print to a traditional Sanderson design and everything in between…. Create WOW factor and an unforgettable statement piece.

Finally, make sure you see a cutting before you order and enjoy the process!