How to pre-plan your window furnishings when building a new home

Luxaflex Sheer Curtains hanging in a stunningly styled melbourne bedroomAre you building a new home or townhouse?

Residential housing construction is at an all-time high in Melbourne right now. Many clients contact us once they’ve received the keys to their brand new home, but did you know that we can join you in the process much earlier? Working directly from the builder’s plans when you’re in the process of building a new home or townhouse, to ensure your desired window treatments can be accommodated

In this article we’ve outlined three reasons why involving us early in your new home or townhouse build cycle can assist in bringing your interior and exterior window furnishing concepts to reality.

“Victorian dwelling approvals over the rolling 12-month period up by 17 per cent.”
Source: Melbourne Market Housing Update

It can be overwhelming covering each important step in building your dream home. We provide customers peace of mind regarding every important detail and regularly liaise directly with your builder and electrician to ensure all the details are accurately communicated.

We understand you may not have access to the property in the early stages. We can assist with your building plans and window schedule in our Brighton showroom. We run through the plans room by room and consider the most appropriate products and price points.

There are 3 key areas to consider early in the build process in regard to window treatments:

1. Do you plan on motorising any of the products?
If the answer is yes we will need to consider the style of the blind as this will affect the motor choice and whether they will be linked or operate independently as this will affect the number of motors and cables. We can help you with this whole process. You may also like to read our blog on controlling the blinds via your mobile phone and linking your blinds to your home automation systems.

2. Will you be concealing any products in pelmets or recessed ceilings?
If so, it is critical to involve us in the early stages to determine pelmet/ recess dimensions and proposed products. It is the most common frustration we see with clients who have not consulted us in the early stages and the pelmet dimensions provided are insufficient to house the preferred products.

3. Consider your budget.
Window furnishings are one of the final stages of the build and have a huge impact on the result and comfort of your new home. We see many people forget to factor furnishings into their budgets in the early stages, so getting a quote from plans initially manages your expectations on what to expect at the end.

We have a huge range of products to accommodate most budgets but if you have an idea in mind about how you want it to look then make sure you know what you need to allow so you can achieve this.

About to embark on a new home or townhouse build? Get in contact with us now and we’ll join you on the journey, helping your create rooms and spaces that are functional and beautiful.