Linking your Blind and Curtain Motors into your CBus or Home Automation System

Motorised blinds – Cbus & home automation Blind Control

You are probably aware you can link your motorised blinds into your CBus or home automation system. What you may not know is that there are different motors available which can make it cheaper than motorising your blinds if they are not going into CBus.

There are 2 types of motors:

  1. Switch control (which are generally compatible with CBus and are more cost effective than RTS motors).
  2. RTS remote controlled (which can go into CBus or simply remote control operation).
Motorised blinds – Cbus & home automation Blind Control

Please speak to us about your motorisation requirements and keep in mind that we can provide you with the appropriate molex cables well before you have even selected a fabric colour which enables your electrician to wire the cabling when he/she is completing all the other components.

Tip: If you are building or renovating it is useful to know that most manufacturers use different motors and cables, so it is really important you select your brand BEFORE the electrician attaches these, as once they are in it is much more difficult to change… and they might be wiring you up for a motor that is much more expensive than another one, or with a brand who does not supply the fabric you want. It pays to do your research before you have cables installed.