Re-Furnishing Your Bedroom? See The Results From One of Our Happy Customers

Re-Furnishing Your Bedroom?

We spend a large portion of our lives in our bedrooms – relaxing, sleeping and even sneaking in an afternoon nap or two! Therefore, our bedroom needs to be somewhere that we enjoy spending time. Somewhere homely, open, comfortable and modern is what comes to mind for me.

So how do you get that perfect bedroom to rest and relax? We have plenty of people coming in to seek our advice on what they can do. Most have not updated their rooms since they first moved in, and so it is left looking dated and drab. One of our customers was happy to share her bedroom makeover with you, to provide inspiration, tips and ideas for your own project.

We had recently installed some lovely new timber Venetian blinds at Jill’s house, and within 2 weeks she was back and ready to re-furnish the next room – her bedroom. She had a very large room with mismatched furniture and colours, so wanted to update this with new styles, colours and fabrics. The important thing to remember is that a bedroom is more than just the bed, there is so much more you can do! For Jill this included:

Re-furnishing your bedroom?
  • A new colour scheme
  • Adding a bedhead
  • New bedside tables and chairs
  • European cushions
  • Storage ottoman
  • A new sheet set and bedspread
  • Other bedroom furniture including a dresser
  • Matching bath towels & mat for the ensuite
  • Framed photos / paintings for the wall

Jill chose an aqua blue colour as her theme, which matched a large framed photo from a family holiday perfectly. You can see a before and after photo below – what a difference this makeover made!

Bedside Chairs

Do you have some existing chairs that need a facelift? Or want to choose some brand new chairs for your bedroom? Easy! Simply visit our showroom and choose a new fabric from our large fabric library. You can even take home some fabric swatches to help you determine which colour and pattern will look the best in your house. Jill chose these low contemporary designed chairs covered in a funky acqua patterned velvet fabric from Romo.

Bedroom Furniture

Jill had a very large room that looked too empty. If you have a large room with empty spaces, then adding furniture can be a great way to fill those areas. Jill updated her bedside tables to a modern style that matched the colour scheme of her new room.

The 3 drawers meant she could easily store her things inside, all hidden away so it looked much neater and cleaner. She decided to add an extra piece of furniture to her room – the dresser.

Re-Furnishing Your Bedroom?

This matched the bedside tables and proved to be a great way to fill the empty space. It also meant she was able to have another storage space and a table top to display her much loved family photos.


In any bedroom, the bed is the focal point. Jill wanted to create more of a statement so we recommended a bedhead. She chose her own size, style, shape and fabric to create her own unique look and give the room some character.

Storage Ottoman (At Foot of Bed)

Like many of us, Jill liked to have a summer and a winter quilt, but never had enough storage space to put the quilt that was not in use. This storage ottoman solved her problem. Ottomans are a great way to store extra bedding such as pillows, blankets or quilts, and are also an attractive piece of furniture that can be used as a stool in the bedroom. These can be made to any size, and covered in any fabric. Jill chose the same fabric to match her bedside chairs.

Bedspread and Cushions

Did you know that you can have your bedspread custom made? If you can’t seem to find one that suits your style, then come in and visit us to choose from thousands of fabrics to create your own unique look. Jill had her own bedspread and cushions custom made. She chose a cap top bedspread with tufted quilting and a matching valance, then for some added luxury she finished it off with some big tufted European cushions and trimming – the perfect way to compliment the quilt cover.

If you would like to makeover your bedroom too, give us a call or come in to our showroom and chat through some ideas. We can come out to your house and provide an obligation free quote.