Wall panel bedhead

Selecting A Bedhead

When it comes to designing your dream bedroom, complete with the perfect bedhead, there are many factors to consider. The Nicholls Interiors Brighton showroom has a range of different styles on display to help you visualise the end product and our interior stylists are here to help guide you in creating a bedroom that compliments your space and style. 

Determining the best height for your bedhead

One of the first things to establish is the best height for your bedhead. It is imperative to factor in the size of the bed base, to ensure the proportions are correct. Also consider if you use European pillows. European pillows are significantly larger than regular pillows, so we suggest the bedhead is taller – approximately 1400mm – so it’s not hidden when styled. 

There are also decorating elements to consider. Do you want your bedhead to fill the space or will you use artwork above the bed? How tall are your ceilings? How big is your bedroom? Do you have pendant lights? We will discuss all of these elements with you in the selection process. 

Choosing fabric for your bedhead

The Nicholls Interiors showroom has thousands of fabric swatches, and we love the huge range of options our clients can select from. We always seek to understand the look and feel you would like to achieve in the bedroom as well as who is using the room and if there is direct sunlight. Velvet fabrics can make a bedroom feel glamorous but it’s important to understand the pile on the fabric and the direction in which it runs. Linens are also very popular for many of our styles of bedheads – the coastal feel and understated elegance works beautifully with our flanged edge Sienna style.  We also have many polyester fabrics which are popular for their durability and easy maintenance.

The difference between a bedhead and wall panels

Wall panels are becoming increasing popular and are usually used for taller or wider spans. If you are looking to create a statement and significant bed

room feature, we can make custom made wall panels to cover an entire wall or section of a wall. We discuss with you the dimension of the wall and whether you prefer vertical or horizontal panels and divide the wall up accordingly. The panels can be even sized or varying to create a bespoke and individual design.

Must you attach the bedhead to the wall?

Not necessarily. All Nicholls Interiors bedheads come with the option for wall attachment if this is preferred. Many of our clients choose to secure their bedhead without attaching this to the wall – simply push the bed frame/mattress up to the bedhead and it will be securely held in place. Our premium bedheads are made to finish at the floor with no ugly legs, and we provide custom skirting board cut outs to ensure a flush finish. 

Contact us for a complimentary showroom consultation so we can assist you explore the huge range of options.