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Motorised Canvas Awning

Motorising Canvas awnings are a great way to automate the most traditional of outdoor blinds – the Canvas Window Awning.

Canvas awnings have long been a popular choice on Melbourne residential homes as they regulate the heat and sunlight, provided shade and sun protection.

Traditional canvas awnings are the original external window shade design for heat protection on windows and provide an efficient and economical way to block the sun from hitting your window and heating up your room, while also helping to protect your carpets and furniture from fading. By adding convenient modern automation, thus creating Motorised Canvas Awnings, you can control the light and shade from inside of your home.

Motorised Canvas awnings are available in blockout acrylic and modern see-through mesh fabrics. Blockout acrylic fabrics will block your view and reduce the heat and UV transfer, whilst mesh fabrics are a great way to shade your window whilst maintaining your view and keeping the heat out.

The traditional non-motorised canvas awnings systems are reliable and robust and the operation of a canvas awning is simple. It just requires a lightweight pull stick (to any stopping point) and the arms will hold the canvas awnings in place. The angle created by the projecting arms allows for cooling airflow and the ability to open your windows with the canvas awning blind down, which is a similar motion to our folding arm awnings.

Motorised canvas awnings however are a popular upgrade remote control access perfect for high window sun blinds, hard to reach balcony and veranda shades, fence side window shades or just the pure convenience of motorised canvas awnings.

With or without automation, if you’re looking for cost-effective all-weather awnings, we have an extensive selection of canvas blinds and awnings in our Melbourne Bayside showroom.

Motorised Canvas Awnings

What Canvas Awnings fabrics can I choose from?

There are many different materials, colours and styles available. Visit our Melbourne showroom to see the huge range of fabric samples on display.

The following materials are available:

  • Shade Mesh/ Screen – ideal for blocking some of the sun without leaving you in total darkness.
  • Traditional Canvas – Blocks daylight and heat effectively and darkens a room.  Available in a huge range of colours, patterns and styles.
  • Acrylic Canvas – lightweight and perfect for roller blinds, folding arm awnings. Allows some natural light (dependant on colour).
  • Waterproof PVC – offers great protection from the rain throughout the year.

Request a free measure and quote for your home to be fitted with motorised canvas awnings today.


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