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Plantation Shutters Melbourne

Looking to recreate the on-trend look of the Hamptons in your home? Plantation Shutters provide the timeless beauty and enduring craftsmanship of a quality timber product custom made for your space. The beauty and elegance of Plantation Shutters have stood the test of time!

Shutters bring a touch of understated elegance to any interior with their soft, matte lustre. They provide excellent control of light, temperature, ventilation, and privacy.

Plantation Shutters create a fresh, minimalistic look and will complement almost any interior décor, making them an incredibly popular window furnishing.

Our Plantation Shutters are custom made to suit your home and are beautifully crafted from natural timbers, PVC and aluminium. Our sleek Clearview option has no visible control, making these shutters the perfect solution to modern decor.

Plantation Shutters can be made to suit variety shaped windows including octagonal, arched or angled windows.

Choose from our range Plantation Shutters in a variety of configurations including:

Panel Options include:

Fully Framed Hinged Shutters can be configured to suit all types of spaces and are excellent for medium to small windows.

  • Sliding Shutters are fantastic for wide, open areas and are a great option when treating sliding doors.
  • Bi-Folding Shutters are versatile and help to create a spacious look in your home. This design will suit most window widths and heights.

Contact our experienced team who are happy to recommend and advise on the various choices you have with plantation shutters. Ask for a free measure and quote.

Timber Plantation Shutters

Painted and stained shutters transform both traditional and contemporary interiors. Our timber plantation painted shutters are made from 100% premium poplar, a low-density light-coloured hardwood, which possesses a fine texture and flawless finish. Nicholls Interiors shutters are available in a range of standard, personalised and Dulux matched colours, these timeless shutters are painted with quality waterborne paint, an eco-friendly and considered the healthiest paint finish for your customer’s home.

Nicholls plantation stained shutters provide the rich, luxurious appeal of natural timber. Made from 100% premium basswood, chosen expressly for its even grain and light colour, these shutters complement all home styles. Available in a range of popular stains, the indistinct grain enhances the colouring process for a uniform texture across both lighter and darker shades.

Our bespoke shutters can be customised to suit individual style, architecture and décor and with its unique construction ensures a more environmentally friendly product.

Luxaflex Polysatin Shutters

Luxaflex PolySatin Shutters are the modern alternative to traditional wooden shutters and are virtually maintenance free bringing a touch of understated elegance to any interior. Luxaflex PolySatin Shutters are made from a polyresin compound and finished with a revolutionary technology to create a soft, matte lustre look of a freshly painted finish which helps the shutters resist the harsh, bleaching UV rays of summer and the cooler winters.

Our polysatin shutters are available in three classic shades of white, plus stylish valances, distinctive frames, three unique louvre sizes and tasteful hinge finishes. Louvres can be rotated 180 degrees to open or fully close in both directions. They come with a 20 year warranty.

PolySatin shutters are made from a non-toxic polyresin compound which proudly complies with GREENGUARD Gold Certification standards. They have been rigorously tested and scientifically proven to emit low chemical and particle emissions, making them the ideal solution for all households especially those with young children. Their cellular construction creates a layer of energy-saving insulation as it traps air within a distinct pocket. Coupled with polyresin’s low conductivity, they greatly reduce heat exchange. PolySatin Shutters reflect inbound solar rays back to the outside during summer, but can be opened to allow the warming sun into your home in winter thereby reducing air-conditioning costs.

The Luxaflex Polysatin shutter is available in a motorised operation.

PVC Plantation Shutters

PVC plantation shutters are finished in a quality 2-pack paint and are perfect for wet areas. PVC shutters provide high durability, longer life than wooden blinds even if exposed to moisture. It is a solid, synthetic and non-toxic product. PVC Plantation Shutters have sound, insulation, and damping properties and are suitable for both internal and external applications.

Basswood Plantation Shutters

Basswood (or known as Tilia tree) is lighter in weight and straighter with less sap and breaks in nature, which all together forms its benefits for making shutters. Basswood shutters are durable and not easily damaged by heat. It is a firm timber that is lighter in weight and can be configured as hinged, fixed, bifold or sliding panels. As basswood grows slowly, it produces less sap which makes it easier to apply stains and primer. Our Basswood Shutters are made using 100% furniture grade Basswood that start from a practical source. Our paints are 100% non-dangerous, lead free and arsenic free. Basswood shutters are slowly being replaced by more sustainable timbers.

White Teak Plantation Shutters

As Basswood becomes more difficult to acquire, and more expensive, White Teak is the perfect substitute. White Teak is a small to medium sized hardwood, that is traditionally grown in tropical climates and is nurtured in the protected forest. White teak planation shutters have a low shrinkage, are FSC certified, lightweight, with extraordinary strength.

The benefits of White Teak are:

  • Fast Growing
  • Lightweight (approx. 30% lighter than Basswood)
  • Premium hardwood (used to produce musical instruments)
  • Low shrinkage
  • High strength
  • FSC certified
  • Environmentally sustainable

Aluminium Plantation Shutters

Aluminium shutters combine cutting-edge engineering with versatility to ensure you can weather the harshest elements without sacrificing visual appeal. Advanced features like blade positioning and design guarantees all working mechanisms are housed within the frame. Aluminium plantation shutters come with a 10-year structural warranty and 2 security options – the double shute bolt key and the double shute bolt. Nicholls Interiors offer an assortment of colours in an elliptical blade for aluminium plantation shutters. Aluminium Plantation Shutters from Nicholls Interiors, Brighton are resistant to weather, are low maintenance, and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Contact our experienced team who are happy to recommend and advise on the various choices you have with plantation shutters. Ask for a free measure and quote.

Plantation Shutters FAQs

Can shutters be installed on doors?

Yes, shutters can be installed on French doors (with handle cut outs if required) as well as sliding doors

Can shutters be made for angled windows?

Our Angled Plantation Shutters are the ideal solution for any window with an unconventional shape. Our angled shutters can fit perfectly into any square, triangular or round openings. This will allow you to add a refined look to any window, no matter the size or shape.

Are shutters a good insulator?

25-50% of your homes heat is lost through the window. Shutters will help reduce your home’s energy consumption by offering UV protection and heat reflection during summer months and will act as an insulator and chill barrier in the winter.

Can plantation shutters be motorised?

The Luxaflex PolySatin Shutters can be motorised with PowerView Motorisation. Simply program PowerView to tilt your PolySatin Shutters according to the position you set and then control and schedule them using the intuitive PowerView App. Perfect lighting, energy efficiency, everyday convenience – it is all delivered automatically with PowerView.

Interested in finding out more about plantation shutters?

Contact our experienced team who are happy to recommend and advise on the various choices you have with plantation shutters. Ask for a free measure and quote.

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