Straight Drop

Straight drop awnings represent the ultimate in design and function, providing UV protection, air flow control and ease of operation.
Available in the following styles:

  • Side Cables – featuring stainless steel cables, is perfect for coastal homes. This sturdy system not only provides UV protection and air flow, it is incredibly durable and provides the best option when fixing a channel to a wall is not possible. Bottom rail end caps have been designed to “float” to accommodate instances where the cable is not straight, creating a smooth operation without putting pressure on the cable.
  • Side Channels –STC Awnings provide privacy, UV protection and insect resistance. They use a tension system holding the fabric secure in the side channels. It is ideal in light to moderate windy conditions, as the fabric resists channel blow-outs. This makes it perfect for enclosing courtyards, patios or balconies, essentially adding an extra room to your home. It eliminates light gaps and has minimal fabric build-up, ensuring the fabric rolls up symmetrically for longevity.
  • Drop – A traditional awning that doesn’t use guides – it is ideal for spaces where channels are not suitable. The Drop Awning is simply strapped down to a railing or floor, giving maximum flexibility for installation. Locking bolts can be used to secure the awning at the ends of the bottom rail.
  • Pivot – The Pivot Arm Awning projects the fabric off the window via a set of arms. This allows sun to be controlled through the angle or pitch, and also allows for airflow underneath as the awning is not fitted directly to the window. Windows can remain open when the awning is in use. The Pivot Arm Awning has a heavy-duty contemporary design and is ideal for larger windows.

These Systems are available with many extras, including:

  • Heaters
  • Fabric valances
  • Bottom rail brushes
  • Locking Bolts
  • Motorisation
  • Branded solutions