Swimming Pool Shade Options

Shade ideas for outdoor entertaining spaces

Whether you’re in the radiant sun and warm weather, or the crisp spring breeze and seasonal rains, you should be able to make the most of your outdoor areas to entertain, relax, and enjoy the space. We’ve got over 100 years experience in finding the perfect shade solutions for outdoor entertaining and living spaces.

Outdoor entertaining spaces come in all shapes and sizes, each letting in varying amounts of elements during the day, afternoon and evening.

For every outdoor space, there are the perfect shade options that can provide the cover you need to shield you from troublesome conditions such as blinding sun, chilly breezes, rain, and harsh heat.

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Straight Drop Shade Awnings

Alfresco space

Alfresco spaces often play host to your parties, barbeques, family dinners, relaxation areas and general outdoor entertaining. With vast open areas such as this, outdoor awning blinds are a great option to control how the elements affect your alfresco. Different varieties of awnings including straight drop awnings, offer an impressive list of features from complete privacy with UV protection, to more robust styles designed for coastal and strong-wind areas. Made from durable fabrics designed to withstand the fluctuating and unpredictable Australian weather, awning blinds are built to last.


Balconies are fantastic areas to enjoy outdoors with a view and atmosphere unique to this type of space. Getting the right shade coverage to protect yourself and guests can be tricky with limited options available on the market. This is where folding arm awnings shine as the perfect addition to your balcony.

Retractable folding arm awnings offer the right amount of rain and harsh sun cover for your balcony and can be adjusted and tilted to suit any time of day so the space can be optimised to its full potential.


Porches offer a nice little extension to your dwelling at the back, and a cosy greeting area at the front, but often come without cover making the space limited to use during certain seasons and weather.

Canopy awnings offer sleek and seamless shade options for your porch with different styles, lengths and designs to suit your area and aesthetic. Canopy awnings can be situated over windows, doors, and walkways along your porch to provide shade to both your outdoor areas and shielding entry points to your home from harsh weather conditions.


Pergolas make a great feature space providing openness and versatility to entertain, share with family, or enjoy in quiet serenity. The open sides and often latticed roof of a pergola also leave them open to the elements, putting your outdoor furniture, barbeque, and guests at risk of weather exposure.

Outdoor shutters are a great addition to your pergola, providing adjustable shade, privacy, and cover from inclement weather without compromising the aesthetic of your space. Durable, stylish, and in a range of different sizes, they’re the perfect fit.

Swimming Pool Shade Options

Pool Deck

Sitting by the water and enjoying the sun is the ultimate picture of relaxation and tranquility for many. But, unless you’re next to a palm tree or a very sturdy umbrella, finding shade from the harsh sun or drizzle of rain can prove difficult.

Retractable folding arm awnings offer a unique solution to pool-side shade options with cover extending up to four metres in length and 13 metres in width along with extra features that can sense sun and wind, and even motorised options so you don’t have to lift a finger while you’re relaxing.

Whatever your outdoor shade needs, we have quality and custom solutions that mean your spaces can be used all year round without compromise.

Chat to us about your outdoor areas and what products are best suited to maximise your outdoor entertaining space this summer.