The Best Way to ensure your Bedroom is Dark

So you want a really DARK room when you sleep…. Or you want your kids to sleep in pitch black so they don’t wake up with the birds? You are not alone.

Achieving a completely blockout room can be difficult, the only way to do this is with curtains and a pelmet. Curtains are taken wider and higher than the window and overlap in the middle. The pelmet stops light coming in over the top of the track.

This is the best combination for a very dark room. However, we know curtains are not appropriate for every window.

The best way to ensure your bedroom is dark

Roman blinds are also commonly used where curtains are not appropriate. Roman blinds are fitted approx. 25cm above the window and go wider on either side also. There is some reflected light through the sides, but a roman blind is normally much more effective than a roller blind because it can be made wider than the window.

A pleated blind that is fitted inside a window recess also offers good blockout as there is approximately a 5mm gap either side of the blind. Come in and chat to us about your blockout options, and before you know it you (and the children) will all be sleeping soundly past dawn!