Top Tips to Re-Invigorate your Bedroom

Are you looking for a way to brighten up your bedroom but not sure how to do this? Many people these days put so much work into making their living and entertaining areas look great, but when it comes to the bedroom they are not quite sure where to start.

Here are some top tips we recommend for adding a bit of flair to your bedroom.


Are a terrific way to bring in some colour and become a real feature of the room. They come in many different shapes and sizes…. or can be custom made to any size you want, you can even use a complementary fabric to your curtains and blinds!

Whether it is a contemporary or traditional theme, there is always a bedhead style to suit. View our range of shapes and options to choose from.

Bedspreads & Valances

Upholstery Melbourne bedhead to match decor

If you want to create a unique bedspread to match your other bedroom furnishings, then we can custom make your bedspread and valance, with thousands of fabrics to choose from. Depending on the look you are after, choose from quilted, pleated or straight valances.


Do you have a chair that has been handed down to you through the family that needs a bit of a lift? There are thousands of fabrics that can be used to re-cover (and re-pad if necessary) your furniture without having to buy anything new.

Cushions and bolsters

A great way to tie in your other furnishing fabrics, or to introduce colour and patterns into your room is by adding scatter cushions or bed bolster to tie the whole design together and add all the finishing touches to a room.

With all of these, or a combination, your room can be re-invigorated and you no longer need to close the bedroom door when your friends come over!