What Types of Shutters Suits me Best?

Are you getting confused by the huge range of shutters in the market place and wondering how the cost varies? It’s easy to understand why with such a huge range to choose from. They can be made from western red cedar, basswood, poplar, polyresin & aluminium and they can be imported or Australian made! All can be configured to operate as singular panels, bi-folding panels, sliding panels and double hinged panels.

Here is a quick summary on the main differences between all the different types and why you may select each one:

Western Red Cedar Shutters

Are usually Australian made and are top of the range in terms of quality and design. The timber panels are usually thicker than the imported versions and the overlap of blades is greater which can be an important consideration in the bedroom. These are available in any dulux paint colour or a range of natural stains/ lacquered.

Basswood and Poplar Shutters

Are an imported product. They are made from real timber and are a cheaper alternative to the western red cedar. If you are selecting imported shutters then it is important you are purchasing them through a company that has an excellent reputation as there are certainly some poor quality version around.

Polyresin Shutters

Are a man-made product. This means that steam and water will not affect the product like it would for natural timber. They can be used inside (especially good for bathrooms where they might get splashed or there is a lot of steam) and also externally in outdoor rooms, pool houses and patios/ decks.

Aluminium Shutters

These are great to be used externally in outdoor rooms, pool houses and patios/ decks.

If you would like to see the difference in appearance of all these different types then pop into our showroom, where we have everything on display – and all manufactured through reputable Australian manufacture’s such as Designed Blinds, Luxaflex and Verosol.