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What’s New In Motorised Canvas Awnings?

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  • SOMFY TaHoma Switch At Nicholls Interiors Brighton

    What’s New In Motorised Canvas Awnings?

    Motorised canvas awnings are increasingly popular with the warm Australian climate. There is no better way to stop the heat than protecting your windows from the outside before the sun has the opportunity to reach them. 

    Canvas fabrics provide 100% UV blockout and come in a large range of colour options (block colours and stripes) to complement and add character to your façade. Canvas fabrics are built for the harsh Australian climate – they are water and stain resistant, tear resistant, and mould resistant too!

    Add a pop of colour and character to the façade of your Melbourne home by dressing up your windows with motorised canvas awnings. The updated range of fabric colours for 2024 can be viewed here.

    Introducing The SOMFY TaHoma Switch

    2024 has seen the introduction of the SOMFY TaHoma switch which is the central hub that connects and controls the smart home ecosystem. When selecting a motorised canvas awning, you can add the TaHoma Switch which:

    • Powers the TaHoma app for homeowners and giving you complete control, no matter their preferred smart home ecosystem. 
    • Allows you to use voice commands to adjust your blinds via Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home.
    • Can control up to 50 Somfy Zigbee products or 40 channels of Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) motorized products. 
    • The TaHoma app enables users to setup and configure their products, and access their smart shading from anywhere.
    • Allows you to adjust your blinds and shades with the TaHoma app on your smartphone.
    • Allows you to launch your two favourite scenes from the customisable buttons.


    Watch the SOMFY TaHoma Switch video here.


    Luxaflex motorised canvas awning, Nicholls Interiors Brighton
    Luxaflex motorised canvas awning, Nicholls Interiors Brighton

    Contact Nicholls Interiors today to explore the full range of canvas awning options, consult with our experienced professionals, and take the first step toward transforming your home into a haven of cool comfort and style.