Which Blinds Provide the Best Window Insulation in Winter and Summer?

Did you know that most of your home’s energy is lost through windows? Research has shown that  up to 30% of heat loss from your home occurs through uncovered windows. So if you want to keep warm during the cold winter months and cool during the hot summer weather, then here are some options for you to consider.

Custom made curtains – are by far the best insulator when closed as they are usually fitted wider and higher than your window and are often lined, offering another layer of protection. When fitted inside a pelmet, you can also further increase the insulation properties as no cold can creep in the top (or no heat in summer!).

If this sounds like you, why not pop into our showroom and browse through our thousands of fabric samples to choose your custom made curtains – no obligation required.

Luxury Printed Fabric Curtains in Bedroom

However, curtains are not appropriate for all windows. And if you are after a more slimline look then maybe a cellular product such as the below Duette/Pleated blinds is the answer.

Luxaflex Architella Duette/ Pleated blinds – these also offer a great level of insulation in your home. They feature a honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb construction which dramatically increases its ability to insulate in the winter and cool against summer heat. They have three distinct air pockets for superior energy efficiency and increased insulation and are made from anti-static, dust-resistant polyester, making them easy to clean.

Verosol Roller / Pleated blinds – in summer, you can’t beat Verosol’s siverscreen products. In a dark colour, this silver reflective backing reflects 3 times more heat than an equivalent product without the backing. Come in to the showroom to see the heat monitor we have set up to demonstrate the difference – it really is amazing!

Interior Sheer Blinds in Living Room

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