White Cellular Top Down Bottom Up Blinds in Lounge Room

How much do Cellular blinds cost?

Cost based questions are something we get asked almost everyday including how much do Cellular Blinds cost? Based on pricing in Feb 2020, a window 2m wide x 2m tall in a single cell translucent with standard cordlock is about $900 to a double cell translucent on a premium operating system is about $1700. But often, the answer is not as straight forward as it may seem as there are many variables. In this article we’ve outlined some of the popular variations and options.

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We supply a range of cellular blinds from multiple suppliers and there are a few key considerations and differences. The Luxaflex Duette is by far our most popular style of cellular blind…Not usually selected because it is the cheapest option but because it provides the best options and long term benefits. The cost of the Luxaflex Duette can vary depending on the following variables:

Cell type

  • A single cell duette is the most cost-effective option. The single cell duette has been around for decades and is a much-loved product for its impressive insulation capabilities.
  • A double cell duette, also referred to as the Luxaflex architella duette, has been in the market for around 5 years and offers an even better level of insulating by adding a second pocket layer inside the cell. Each fabric is coated with an anti-static dust repellent keeping your blinds looking great without the maintenance. Compare the difference in insulation properties
  • The colour range is extensive and inline with current trends providing great colour choices.

Operating system

  • Standard cordlock Is the entry level system and often the ‘standard’ for many competing products. This is a long cord that runs through the blind and is used to pull the blind up/ down. Its been available for decades.
  • Ultraglide operation is a premium lifting system that offers an unrivalled child safety operation by eliminating cords with only a short wand for operation. It also offers the convenience of a simple ‘click and walk away’ operating method. The short wand (wand length is variable as discussed with your sales consultant) is simply clicked to the side allowing the blind to drop down.
  • Easyrise operation is a premium lifting system which offers a continuous cord (at variable lengths as discussed with your sales consultant). There is no strain on this cord as found in the standard cordlock option and it is better for the longevity of your blind.
  • Literise operation is a premium lifting system, one of our favourites, that eliminates cords all together. The Luxaflex literise duette is operated by hand and comes with small handles attached to the base rail for ease of use. A popular option for child safety and visually eliminating unsightly cords/ chains.
  • Motorised operation is the ultimate convenience, allowing you to operate your blinds with the touch of a button. It is available with hardwired motors or battery motors and has options to use via your device/ tablet or voice control with Google Home / Alexa

Operating style

  • Bottom up – The Duette blind can operate like a standard blind that drops from the top of the window to the bottom of the window
  • Top Down/ Bottom Up – The operation on this cellular blind allows the blind to operate as per the bottom up above, but also it can drop down from the top of the window thus giving you privacy in the bottom half of the window. This is a great option for street facing windows, bathroom windows, walkway windows and anywhere you need privacy only in the bottom half of the window.



  • The Cellular style of blinds experience more wear than something like a roller blind. This is particularly true for a standard cord-lock where the strain of the blind is on the cords and the blind. Luxaflex offer peace of mind with their 5-year warranty and their premium operating systems (Ultraglide, Literise and Easyrise) eliminate the strain on the cords offering greater longevity. An investment upfront that is usually considered worthwhile.

So, when we get back to the question – how much does a duette or cellular blind cost? You can see there are a number of adaptations, selections and options that allow you to fully customise your blinds to suit your purposes and your budget.


What safety options should you consider?

What warranty is are offered?

Is reduction of light important?

Is reduction of heat important?

What ongoing maintenance will be required?

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White Cellular Top Down Bottom Up Blinds in Lounge Room