Noise Reduction Blinds. Sounds Reduction Blinds

Think your blinds don’t count for much when it comes to noise reduction? Think again. While no blinds or window treatments will completely sound-proof your space or cancel all street noise, there are certain styles that do a great job of lessening it.

Sound – The noisy truth

Textiles can play a major role in the absorption of sound and not all textiles have equal sound absorption qualities – the level of sound absorption is dependent upon the textiles weight, composition, and/or construction.  Generally, due to mass, drapery provides the main textile source of sound absorption and we find.

Hard surfaces enable sound to bounce and reverberate around spaces, whereas textiles, including drapery and upholstery items not only deliver a design aesthetic but also contributes to the absorption of sound.  The reduction of sound reverberation creates more holistic spaces where conversations can be heard, and background noise is minimised.

Some questions we are commonly asked include:

  • What are the best window furnishings to reduce noise or soundproof a room?
  • How can you minimise noise in a nursery or child’s room (and hopefully get them to sleep!),
  • How can we reduce the traffic noise as we live close to a busy road?

Here are the best window furnishing treatments to reduce noise and sound.

Best Winter Curtain Choices


It makes sense that window treatments made from fabric will help muffle outside noise. The thicker the curtains, the more sound

they’ll absorb. We commonly use a bumpf interlining to further assist with noise reduction. This means the curtains have 3 layers – your chosen external fabric to suit your interior, the bumpf interlining and the 3 pass blockout lining. We have thousands of fabrics to suit all styles of homes in our huge Brighton showroom. 

Cellular Blinds/ Luxaflex Duettes

Luxaflex cellular shades (also known as Duette Shades) are well known to be the most efficient window covering on the Australian market.  Their honeycomb shape makes them an excellent thermal insulator because the air inside the shade acts as another layer of insulation.  However,

savings on your power bill aren’t the only benefits of these amazing window treatments: the design that makes them so effective as a temperature regulator also works brilliantly to absorb sound! Adding Luxaflex Duette blinds to your window can double their R-value (this is a measurement of heat transfer resistance). Click here to see the R value ratings on Duettes.

Roman Shades

Like curtains, Roman blinds work at reducing some outside noise because they’re made from heavy fabric. If sound reduction is a feature that you want to enjoy in your home, choose Roman blinds crafted from a thicker fabric. You can also add a privacy or blackout/blockout shade to give your window treatment even more absorbing layers.

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