Custom Made Curtains – Giving Your Home that Unique Touch

From sheers to drapes, block outs to lined – curtains are no doubt the furnishing that completes the look and feel of every room of your home. Sometimes, however, the perfect style or size just isn’t around, which is where custom made curtains will ensure you still get the beautiful window furnishings you dream of.

If you’ve got an exquisite design in mind, an existing unique style in your home or simply want to try something new, getting custom made curtains from the team at Nicholls is the best way to go.

Unique Styles for Any Room

Unique styles for any rooom

Every home has its own unique feel and character to it, and your furnishings play a big role in this.

If you’re looking to do a refresh of the style in your home – whether it’s a traditional, contemporary or minimalist style – custom made curtains will deliver exactly the look you’re after.

Made to order is also a great option if your existing curtains have reached the end of their lives, but you want to hold on to their unique style and appeal.

Settling for something you’re not happy with will reduce the comfort and appeal of being in your home, so it’s best to go with something you truly love.

The Solution to Those Odd-Shaped Windows

Windows that aren’t of standard shape can be difficult to furnish, letting in light, compromising privacy and failing to insulate your home. Skylights, circular windows or simply large and petite sized panes still need furnishings and a custom job is the way to go.

The Best Way to Guarantee Quality

Custom made curtains

Ordering custom made opens you up to an endless range of colours, textures, patterns and fabrics, giving your space a truly individual touch.

At Nicholls, we’re never satisfied with anything short of the top quality in the fabrics we use. That’s why we work closely with Australia’s best names in textile design, including Charles Parsons, Zepel, Harlequin, Warwick, Villa Nova, Mokum and so many more so that you’re getting fabrics that look beautiful and will withstand the demands of a today’s home environment.

Produced by Locals, For Locals

The best quality curtains can come only from high quality fabrics, personal service and expert craftsmanship. This is why our custom orders are all produced in Melbourne, by the finest hands in the field.

You can have confidence that your new furnishings will be made to the most stringent standards when you order from Nicholls. Not many people can say they have been making curtains for 98 years!

Personal, Expert Service, Every Step of the Way

From choosing the colours, textures and material to the installation of your custom made curtains, the expert team at Nicholls will provide that personal touch to ensure that you’re making the best decision for your home.

Our Brighton showroom stocks a huge range of designs, and you can chat with our staff about getting your custom made curtains developed. Or, give us a call on (03) 9596 2335. and we’ll come to you.