Nature Inspired Colour Palettes For Your Interiors

We’ve had many clients visiting our Brighton Showroom recently, inspired by natures colours when considering their home interiors. Perhaps being confined to our homes more often (thanks COVID-19!) has sparked a desire to connect our interiors to the outside world. There is no doubt nature provides endless colour inspirations for creating tranquil spaces in which to retreat and relax. In this blog post, Kathryn Dowsett, our specialist interior stylist, shares a few of her favourite nature inspired colour palettes.

While nature has long been an inspiration for home décor, this year’s globally trending tones of blue, green and black seem to echo Australia’s coastline, bush and high country landscapes. Sunshine yellow is also currently popular for creating positive energy in living and study spaces.

Blues, greens and blacks:

Sitting room, with transparent drapes and upholstered chair

Dark Colour Swatch for curtainsCloth fabric SwatchTeal Colour Swatch
Swatch colours: Eternal Teal, Ball & Eternal Carbon

Burnt oranges and rusts:

Dark Draping Curtains

Grey Colour Swatch for CurtainsBrown Colour Swatch for CurtainsTeal Colour Swatch

Swatch Colours: Eternal Dove Grey, Eternal Copper, French Blue

At Nicholls Interiors we’ve seen our clients seeking interiors and textures that promote balance and wellness – spaces that are healthful both mentally and physically. Botanical greens, sage and sky blues have made a resurgence.

Neutrals will always remain popular as softer undertones are used for larger pieces such as furniture, allowing you to add on-trend statement pieces, art and colour to define your own flair and personality. 

Natural Fibres, particularly 100% linen and cotton are being used to create a look of understated elegance – dove grey’s and soft pinks create a beautiful feeling of softness and create an uplifting space.

Dove Greys and Soft Pinks

Light Room with White Draping Curtains

Rose Colour Curtain SwatchGrey Colour Swatch For Drapes

Swatch Colours: Eternal Rose Quartz, Satori Copenhagen

Sheer curtains remain popular for adding softness and the feeling of warmth in bedrooms and living spaces.

We recently completed this project in a Brighton residential home. To meet the clients brief, we recommended sheer Linen curtains, dropping to the floor in a soft green shade. They created the stunning result you can see below. Combined with indoor potted greenery and lux soft accessories such as velvet green footstool, the client was delighted with the elegance and softness we were able to achieve for their master bedroom. 

Sheer Curtains in Soft Green

Are you inspired by the colours of nature? If you’d like assistance in combining the colour hues of the outside world into your interiors, make an appointment for a complimentary in home consultation.